Benvenuto a Montano

Tucked away in the northernmost part of Italy lies the historic region of Trentino, a breathtaking land in which nature remains untouched. Here, hidden deep within the Dolomite Mountains, lie the highest orchards in Europe abundant with some of the finest eating apples in the world.

the finest Italian apples

Upon discovering the apples of Trentino, considered some of the finest eating apples in the world, we were sure that we had unearthed something special. We knew that their delicious, crisp taste would lend itself beautifully to a premium cider for even the most discerning consumer – but first, we had to ask the proud local apple growers to forego some of their prize crop. Once the first batch of cider had been pressed, the results surpassed all expectations – and the apple growers were happy to share their orchard gardens with us.

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Naturally Italian

And so it was here, hidden deep within this spectacular part of the world, that Montano was born. Each apple lovingly nurtured by the natural passion and flair of Italy, to create the unique taste of one of the world’s most exquisite ciders. A cider just waiting to be discovered.

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